"She is such a great teacher, fun to learn from"

           --Jody Chen, Vancouver, BC

With over 20 years of grooming experience, Seon Gyoung is a Certified Master Groomer in Vancouver, Canada.


Originally from Korea, she got certification from grooming school in Japan, in addition to teaching at a grooming school in Seoul, Korea.


Considered one of the best groomers in the world, not only with skill but also with her awareness of animal well-being, Seon Gyoung is a happy, positive, caring person with a passion for grooming and a loving family.







A LITTLE ABOUT seon gyoung adams

"Having seen her work, the quality is unparalleled. But even better is her love for dogs"         --Corey Adams


"Seon Gyoung is one of the most passionate and kind groomers I know. I'd recommend her to anyone!" --Michelle Sibley, Vancouver BC  

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